Which Scratch Cards Have The Best Chance Of Winning

It’s fun to scratch off those little silver panels, but let’s be honest; the reason we buy scratchcards is to win money! Whether it’s a life-changing amount or just winning back the cost of the card – we all love to win.

There’s just one problem; most scratch cards lose! What if I told you there was a way to pick a winning scratch card? You probably say that’s impossible. Have I stumbled on a secret strategy? Do I possess magical powers? Am I cheating? No, it’s science!

Here’s the big secret… printed on the back of UK scratch cards is the true odds of winning! Wait, what? I hear you say. Don’t believe me? Have a look below. Right there on the back of National Lottery cards is the odds of winning.

How does that help me pick a winning card? You might well ask. If truth be told, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to select a winning card. However, you can buy a card that has a mathematically stronger chance of winning.

Let me show you how this could work. You walk into the newsagents and pick the National Lottery ‘£50 Million Cash Showdown’ scratch card. Your chance of winning a prize is 1 in 3.45. In theory, if you purchase four game cards, statistically speaking, you should find at least 1 winning card. In real life, it doesn’t always work out that way, but the maths is on your side. Now, if you’d have chosen the National Lottery ‘£100 Loaded Game’ your chance of winning drops to 1 in 4.23, you’d have to buy 5 cards to come up with a winner statistically.

Like me, you’d probably assumed that all scratch card games have roughly the same number of winning cards. But they don’t, and if you know which cards statically have the best chance of winning – the odds will forever be in your favour.

If you want to check out the current odds off winning on a particular National Lottery card – click here. Once the page has loaded, click on the name of the card. Another page will load, and you’ll be able to see the odds.


This question is slightly more challenging to answer. But I will do my best! The difference between online and traditional scratch cards is the way in which online companies display the odds. Typically, an online casino will give you a win ratio like this… RTP 95.6% what his means is 95.6% of the money staked on a game is Returned To Players (RTP). However, that doesn’t mean you have a 95.6% chance of winning.

In practice what often happens is one player could win the big jackpot, and the rest of the players could win nothing. Some casinos do give the overall chances of winning on a ratio like the National Lottery, but it’s not that common. Remember, RTP figures also vary from game to game, just like the National Lottery. Picking a game with a greater RTP percentage is better for the player’s chances of winning something.