How Many Scratch Cards In A Roll?

So you’ve decided to buy yourself a scratch card. Maybe it’s a treat or maybe you just have a ‘feeling’. Whatever your reasons, you decide to head to your local shop to purchase what could be a life-changing scratch card. You are now faced with a huge array of cards to choose from.

Normally they are all housed behind a huge plastic display on rolls that can have as many as 16 different types to choose from. But have you ever asked yourself how many scratch cards are on each roll? Well, wonder no more because the answer is around 150. That means there can be as many as 2400 scratch cards in that plastic box!

Very cleverly they are also arranged from the lowest priced cards, right at the bottom, to the highest-priced at the top. And of course, there’s a reason for that. Like supermarket shelves, we are drawn to the items at eye level. So we don’t tend to look down to the cheaper cards but instead, look straight at the £5 or £10 cards. Though there aren’t as many £10 cards around anymore.

All of that is fine if you intended to spend that amount of money. The problem is that even when all the top prizes have been won on the most popular cards – the ones we see first – the shop can still whatever is left on the roll. That’s because there is still a lot of money to be won, just not the jackpots.

The Online Alternative

So how do you combat the problem of buying a scratchcard with no chance of winning a jackpot? You go online. There are so many casinos and bookmakers offering online scratchcards that it’s a great alternative to the paper version.

Firstly, you don’t even have to leave your home to buy one. Secondly, if there’s a jackpot, it can still be won. Thirdly a lot of these can be tried in demo mode so it’s a great way to try them out first. Just remember that if you play in demo mode, you don’t win real cash. That said there are plenty of other free casino games in 2020, it just depends on where you play.

But more than all of those reasons online scratch cards offer a much better range of prices. In a shop, you basically have £1, £2, £3 or £5. However, online you can buy scratch cards for as little as 10p. Depending on your budget, there’s a card to suit you.

The only difference between playing for 10p or playing for £2 is the amount you can win. The more you play for the higher the potential jackpot. But if you just want the thrill and fun, then you can play for the smallest amount possible and it won’t make any difference.

How Good Are Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards offer even more than their shop-bought counterparts. The graphics are often better and you can still reveal the symbols one at a time. Or you can reveal them all instantly. The choice is yours.

Some cards have even been designed to look exactly like the real world cards. You even have to scratch off each panel with a virtual coin so it’s very close to the real experience.

Better than all of that though is that the wins are instant. If you win a couple of quid it goes straight into your online casino account. That means you can either withdraw it or use it to buy another card.

So good luck with your scratchcards and fingers crossed you’re one of the lucky winners!