How To Play Monopoly Millionaire Scratch Card

Monopoly Millionaire - Scratch Cards

Monopoly Millionaire Scratch Card is the newest and most exciting scratch card game from the National Lottery. It launched with 5 top prizes worth £1 million, there’s a 1 in 3.35 overall chance of winning a prize on each card. In the first printing of this game, 21,957,120 Scratchcards were made.

This card gives you the chance of winning £1,000,000 in an instant! It makes for a perfect little gift too – maybe something to pop in your partner’s birthday card this year?

But how do you play this scratch and is it any good?

This blog post will give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the game, as well as some tips to keep in mind while playing.


There are six Play Areas on a Scratchcard. The first is GAME 1, then BONUS £5, BONUS £10, BONUS £20, BONUS £50 and GAME 2. You can win up to 19 times on the ‘Monopoly Millionaire’ scratch card.

GAME 1 is pretty simple, reveal YOUR three symbols and then try to match them to other symbols in the GAME 1 area. The symbols are familiar to Monopoly board game players, you’ll recognise the Top Hat, Car and Water Works etc. The amount you win (if any) is shown under the symbol.

GAME 2 requires the player to scratch away 6 dollar icons, if you reveal the National Lottery ‘Crossed Fingers’ logo, you’ll win the stated amount.

GAME 3, the card has 4 bonus areas where players can scoop additional prizes, you’ll win the amount shown. So reveal a number 5 to win £5, a number 10 to win £10 and so on. The max prize is £50 on this section of the game.


Personally, I think the Monopoly Millionaire scratch card is one of the best cards you can buy from the National Lottery. It has 5 top prizes that are worth £1 million! You have a 1 in 15 chance of winning £10 and a 1 in 31 chance of scooping 30 quid. The card costs £5 and is very easy to play.


Andrew and Paula Hancock from Mansfield scooped £1million on a National Lottery Monopoly Millionaire Scratchcard back in 2019. Often the National Lottery relaunch game cards with new prizes.

Andrew and Paula Hancock, who run a catering business, missed their pet’s dinner so Mr. Hancock rushed out in his wife’s car to buy some pet food. He also picked up a £5 Monopoly Millionaire scratchcard and won one of the four £1 million jackpot prizes!

The couple continued to work full-time for their catering company with 10 employees and did not immediately quit because they had a long-term commitment to cater for the Robin Hood Festival, which finished on Sunday after they had pulled a 90-hour week to fulfil the contract.


You can play various ‘Monopoly’ Branded scratch cards at online gaming portals too. Jackpot Joy has a fantastic instant win game called ‘Monopoly Scratch Card Empire’. It gives you the choice of four different game cards with jackpot prizes up to £23,000! The ‘Get Out Of Jail’ jackpot is also worth a cool £1000. What’s more, you can choose your own stake level when playing at Jackpot Joy – so that you never spent more than your budgeted amount.

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In 1935 Charles Darrow claimed that he invented Monopoly and Parker Brothers, an American game company, bought the rights to it from him for just $500 ($8160 today). Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in history and has sold over 200 million copies worldwide since then.

However, it’s suspected that Charles Darrow stole the idea for the board game from his friend, Elizabeth Magie, known to her friends as Lizzie, who invented the game back in 1903. Lizzie called her game The Landlord’s Game and it was based on the economic slump in the USA at that time.

Early Monopoly Board Game

In 1903, Charles Darrow submitted the game to Parker Brothers. The first mass production of Monopoly was during the Great Depression by companies like Sears and Woolworths who sold the board game for 15 cents( equivalent to $2.22 today – “Inflation Calculator”) while the current MSRP is $19.95. Today, Monopoly is sold in 80 countries and 30 different languages.

National Lottery Scratch cards can raise funds for good causes while also giving players a level of control over their betting that they do not usually get with other forms of gambling.