There are many ways to maximise your winning potential whilst playing online scratchcards. One way to do this is to regularly make a visit to your casino’s promotion section. There you will find a host of great deals and offers that if you play carefully can make your money last longer or even increase the amount you win. These deals feature re-load bonuses, money back offers and prize giveaways. However, it is often the case that these promotions don’t apply to online scratchcards which, as far as we are concerned is a real bummer.

But fear not because there is a great way to play your favourite online scratchcards and still get a bonus for doing so. This particular method comes in the form of the magnificent loyalty scheme, which, you might argue isn’t a particularly new idea but it is a good one. We love a loyalty scheme here at because it doesn’t matter what game you play as you will still be earning that little bit extra.

Comp Points At Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes offer a scheme that is amongst the best available from across all the big online casinos. It works in much the same way as any well known loyalty scheme in that it offers points for money spent on Ladbrokes Casino. The more you play the more points you earn, the more points you earn the more you can play. Or alternatively the more you win because at ladbrokes you can exchange your points for real cash.

The point earning system is simple at ladbrokes as for every £10 turnover you earn 1 ladbrokes comp point towards your comp point balance. Earn 100 comp points and you have £1 in cash to spend. These points can be earned right across the Ladbrokes gaming platform including download, instant play and mobile/tablet gaming. The only drawback is that live poker fans won’t be able to earn points but every other game play does.

What’s more is if you have already been playing at Ladbrokes Casino then you have already been earning comp points. However if you haven’t yet enjoyed the scratchcard experience at Ladbrokes then you are in for a treat as it has an excellent selection of scratchcard games including the immensely enjoyable Monty Python’s Spamalot. The game features the legendary humour of the python gang along with the wacky animation style of Terry Gilliam. All rolled up in the world of the cult classic film and stage musical of Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Now, I challenge any high street vendor of scratchcards to beat the fun and thrills of online scratchcard game playing.

Where Do I Go From Here?

As mentioned before, if you already have an account then you have already been earning points and all you need to do to see how much is log in and visit the Casino Account section of the site. To collect on what you have earned, in the same section enter the amount of points you want to convert and click the Convert to Cash button.

It is also worth noting that Ladbrokes have a game of the week that allows you to double your comp points. You can find what the game is for the current week by registering to the Ladbrokes promotions alert system. Ladbrokes Casino keep their promotions close to their chest unless you are registered and submit to allowing notifications. Normally this is something that most people avoid but with Ladbrokes it is well worth doing as you get regular deals and offers straight to your inbox.

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