Luckiest Scratch Card Ever?

This weekend I purchased the luckiest scratch card ever! I’ve won on scratch cards before, but never quite like this…

During a trip to my local Spar store on Sunday, I picked up two National Lottery ‘Instant Millionaire’ cards for £5 each. I stuffed them in my coat pocket and trudged home with my shopping bags. I got home and whipped out the cards and began scratching off the panels. Unfortunately, I won nothing on the first game card. I laughed inside at the cards claim of being the ‘Best Ever Odds’. Not for me!

I still had the second card to scratch off. In total, each scratchcard contains 16 chances to win. I was hoping I’d win at least the cost of the cards back from this last game. I scratched off the first panel, matching two symbols – I’d won a fiver! I moved on to the second panel, another win! £5, and another and another. By the time I finished the first row of panels I’d won £55. Winning on every single one of the ten games in the first section of the ‘Instant Millionaire’ card. I still have two more sections with six chances to win left to reveal.

Surely I couldn’t win more? By now my heart is racing, is this going to be the Lucky £1 Million prize card? I start the next panel, the first row is another win (£5) and then the next, another win (£5) and the last row, another win (£5). Just one game left to reveal, with three chances to win. I scratch at the first row; this is a ‘my numbers, bigger than theirs’ type deal. My number is 17; theirs is 15 – I’ve won another £20, at this point I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not the £1 million. The last two panels also provided two wins of £5. In total I won £100 on one card, winning on every one of the cards panels. So no life-changing amount – but surely this is the luckiest scratch card of all time.

Here’s a photo of the lucky card. I’m off to cash it in!