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One of the common questions we get asked is, ‘which lottery scratch cards have remaining prizes?’ and ‘what are the top prizes left on lottery scratch cards?’.

If you’re interested in finding out if the National Lottery has any winning scratch cards left? Search no more, we’ve compiled a list of scratchcards with prizes and unclaimed jackpots. So, what scratch cards still have jackpots left?


Any Jackpots Left? – 2nd December 2022

The National Lottery offers a large number of different scratch cards to choose from, and their biggest jackpot is the £2 million top prize on the ‘National Lottery Blue’ scratch card game. Not forgetting the £1.2 million top prize on ‘£100,000 A Month For A Year’. You could also win big on the ‘Play Your Stars Right‘ card, which has recently been added to the collection of cards from the National Lottery.

You could become an instant millionaire by winning a jackpot with one of these scratch cards! The ‘Play Your Stars Right’ card has 2 top prizes remaining, and the ‘Diamond Millionaire’ card has 2 jackpots up for grabs.


The National Lottery’s ‘£75 Million Cash Spectacular’ and ‘Jewel Multiplier’ games are two of the most popular scratchcards in Britain. However, there is more to the lottery than a big jackpot prize. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at National Lottery scratchcard cash prizes that can be won on different types of scratchcard games.

National Lottery - £2 Million Blue Scratch Card£2 MILLION BLUE: The famous ‘Blue’ scratch card is back, and it has a whopping top prize of £2 million. So far, 1 jackpot has been won, leaving 3 more top prizes still up for grabs! There is a 1 in 3.19 overall chance of winning a prize on each card. 22,952,820 Scratchcards were printed in the initial run of this game.
Play Your Stars RightPLAY YOUR STARS RIGHT: The game pays out a jackpot prize worth £1 million, making it one of the biggest prize pots currently available. There is a 1 in 3.27 overall chance of winning a Prize. 2 jackpots are still unclaimed, and the card cost £5.

12 Pays of Christmas Scratch Card12 PAYS OF CHRISTMAS: This is the new Christmas-themed card from the National Lottery, the jackpot is worth £1.2 million, and 2 top prizes remain. There is a 1 in 3.18 overall chance of winning any prize.

Jewel MultiplierJEWEL MULTIPLIER: You can buy this card for £5, and launched with 5 top prizes of £1 million, 3 remaining to be claimed. There is a 1 in 3.51 overall chance of winning any prize on this scratch card.

Frosty BingoFROSTY BINGO: This card offers players 2 top prizes of £300,000, not the biggest jackpot available, but it’s worth noting that this game costs just £3. There is a 1 in 3.47 overall chance of winning a prize on the Frosty Bingo game.

Xmas Scratch CardXMAS: Another Christmas theme card has hit the shops in time for the festive season.  Xmas is offering a top jackpot prize worth £1m. Currently, 3 jackpot cards are up for grabs. There is a 1 in 3.11 overall chance of winning a Prize on each game card.

Black and Gold National LotteryBLACK AND GOLD: Along with 2 chances to win a whopping £250k jackpot, the ‘Black & Gold’ game also offers players the best chance to win £25 on the National Lottery range of Scratchcards. The game costs £2 and offers a 1 in 4.04 chance of landing a prize. Two top prizes are still on offer.

3 in 1 National Lottery Scratchcard3 in 1: This new bingo-themed scratch card offers a top jackpot worth £1 million. At this time, 1 top prize remains unclaimed. There is a 1 in 3.36 overall chance of winning a prize on each in this Game.

£75 Million Cash Scratch Card£75 MILLION CASH SPECTACULAR: Originally, this card is an exciting option to consider. However, it only has one top prize available. There is a 1 in 3.43 overall chance of winning a prize on each Scratchcard. There are 23,251,980 Scratchcards in the initial print run of this game.

Diamond MillionaireDIAMOND MILLIONAIRE: This card offers 2 top jackpots worth £1 million. You get four games and two bonus rounds on each scratch card. It costs £5 to play. Two top prizes are still available.

There is a 1 in 3.39 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Scratchcard in this series. The Camelot website states there are 7,187,640 Scratchcards in the initial print run of this Game.

1000 A Month For A Year£100,000 A MONTH FOR A YEAR: The odds of winning a prize on this game card are pretty decent (3.07 overall chance of winning a Prize). So you have about 1 in 3 chances to walk away with some cash! The top jackpot is worth £1.2 million, and currently, the game has 1 jackpot to be claimed.

Yellow Doubler£250,000 YELLOW DOUBLER: This card launched with a jackpot worth £250,00. It costs £2 to play and currently has 1 remaining top prize. The game card is simple and easy to understand. This scratch card still has 1 big jackpot up for grabs.

There is a 1 in 3.82 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Scratchcard in this Game. There are 67,733,880 Scratch cards in the initial print run.






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Defining the ‘best’ scratch card is difficult, do you mean the National Lottery scratch card with the best chance of winning? Or the card with the biggest jackpot? Or the scratch card, which is the most fun to play? Let’s assume you mean the game card with the largest prize pot for now. If that’s the case, check out the list above and look for games that still have jackpots unclaimed.

It’s worth noting that cards with colossal jackpots often have smaller mid-level prizes. While it’s true that Scratch cards in the £2 – £3 range do generally have smaller jackpots, but typically have more of them. Statistically, that could give you a better chance.

If you’re looking for a recommendation for a fun National Lottery card. My personal favourite is the Monopoly range of games. These themed scratch cards always have a decent jackpot, and the gameplay isn’t too taxing. You can also play ‘Monopoly’ scratch card online at Jackpot Joy.


Did you know the National Lottery is allowed to sell its scratchcards even though all the top prizes have been won? The Guardian reported in February 2018 that Millionaire 7s scratchcards were still selling despite all six jackpots being claimed. It again occurred in May 2018, when scratch cards for the 20X game were being sold even after the jackpots had been won.

At times, up to a third of jackpots for scratchcards on sale in shops have already been won.

Camelot, the company which runs the National Lottery, responded to the Guardian by saying, “Once the last top prize has been validated, retailers will be allowed to continue selling those scratchcards that have already been activated for sale, and any unactivated scratchcard stock will be withdrawn.” Obviously, this page can help you keep track of the top prizes available on the most popular National Lottery Scratchcard games – it’s a convenient way to put the odds in your favour.

Despite alerts online, many unsuspecting customers are still buying cards with no chance of winning the jackpot.

Lottery bosses said they do tell retailers when jackpots have been won, but there is a lack of awareness among the public about checking their card’s status before purchase.


We all dream of winning a big jackpot on the National Lottery scratchcards and lotto draws. For some lucky people, the dream becomes a reality. In this section, I will give updates on the latest top prize winners.

In October 2019, John Reid won £250,000 playing the National Lottery scratchcard games ‘Triple Jackpot’. John was working as a relief Pub manager at the Railway Tavern in Bexley, South London. He noticed the bar was short on Lemons and popped into the shop to replenish the stock. The bar manager picked up two scratch cards with his fruit and header back to the pub.

Later that evening, John scratched off the first card to reveal no win; the second card was more fruitful; John believed he’d won £250 – It wasn’t until he double-checked the scratch card wearing his glasses that the Barman noticed a small ‘k’ next to the £250. John had won a jackpot!

The story proves the old saying… When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


Online scratch cards can offer top jackpots too. The virtual scratchcard game works the same as the real-world version, you need to match symbols or numbers in order to win the prizes available. You can find online scratchcards on The National Lottery portal or a scratch card-related website such as Jackpot Joy or Betfred.

Some sites have a wider range of themes than traditional paper-based cards. Betfred (deposit bonus available) has a great collection of scratchcard games, instant win cash games and a large number of classic casino games. Don’t forget you can also get odds on popular sporting events.

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The ‘Welcome Deposit Bonus’ has many forms, some good, some OK and many terrible. It’s worth noting that every bonus comes with its own set of terms and conditions.

Bonuses are frequently accompanied by a matched element as well as a wagering requirement. The amount YOU must deposit to claim the bonus amount is the matched element. The number of times you must gamble your money at the casino before you can withdraw it is known as the wagering requirement.

To assess how valuable a bonus is, you must first understand these two factors. Casino ‘A’ may give a bigger bonus than Casino ‘B,’ yet if the wagering requirement on Casino ‘A’ is greater, you could be better off playing at Casino ‘B.’

Wagering requirements vary widely. One casino may just need you to put money on the line once. Another casino might demand that you risk your bonus money over 50 times!

The UK’s regulatory environment has compelled casinos to become more transparent about the terms and conditions connected with their bonuses. This is fantastic news for gamblers since each casino will have to make it clear before the sign-up procedure begins what the critical terms and conditions of any bonuses are.

Jackpot Joy is was one of the few sites to offer UK-style scratch card games and a decent welcome bonus. Although JJP is best known for its bingo games, it hasn’t been at the expense of its scratch cards. You can play brilliant games like Play-Off Palace, Crystal Maze and two versions of Deal Or No Deal, along with big jackpot bingo games and cash slots.