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Online Scratch Card Winner Bags £1 Million Prize!

We've all dreamed about being a million pound jackpot winner and that's exactly what happened to one lucky player. But can you win it?
Fake Scratch Card

Fake Scratch Cards For Pranks, Laughs & Tears

Who doesn't want to see the disappointment on a sibling's face when they realise a massive scratch card jackpot isn't real? I know I do. You will find people who think the 'fake scratch card' prank is a mean trick to play, and they'd be right.…

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How Scratch Cards Are Made

National Lottery Scratch Cards Remaining Jackpot Prizes

One of the common questions we get asked is, ‘which lottery scratch cards have remaining prizes?' and ‘what are the top prizes left on lottery scratch cards?'. Are you interested in discovering if the National Lottery has any winning…
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Scratch Card ‘Winners’ Jailed For Scam

In 2019, we told the tale of two pals who "won" a £4 million jackpot on a National Lottery scratch card game. When it became obvious that the pair did not purchase the winning scratch card with their own money, the Lottery operator conducted…
How To Win At Scratch Cards

How To Win Scratch Cards – Tips For UK Players

There's an old joke about winning the lottery, it goes something like this... Benjamin, an elderly Jewish man goes into the synagogue and prays. "You know how terrible my situation is God, please let me win the lottery tonight." The following…
Biggest Scratch Card Winners

Scratch Card Winners – 6 Biggest Scratch Card Wins

My favourite thing about playing scratch cards is the expectation; for a brief moment, I'm dreaming about spending that life-changing jackpot. As I scratch away, I'm mentally deciding if the Lamborghini should be red or yellow? The dream doesn't…

How Likely Are You To Win On A Scratch Card?

There is an indescribable feeling of excitement when you buy a scratch card. Could this be the one? Are you about to win a million pounds? Will your life change forever as you scratch away the foil? For some very lucky people, the answer is…

Man Wins $250,000 Re-enacting Scratch Card Win

Back in 1999, a 37-year-old Aussie truck driver embarked on an incredible roller coaster journey of luck. Bill Morgan defied the odds and emerged as one of life's big winners. Trucker Bill Morgan was involved in a serious car crash in early…
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Scratch Card ‘Winners’ To Sue National Lottery

If you've been following the story of scratch card 'winners' Mark Goodram, and Jon-Ross Watson. It will probably come as no surprise to discover the 'lucky' duo are planning to sue the National Lottery for withholding a jackpot prize worth £4…

£4 Million Scratch Card ‘Winners’ Under Investigation

The UK National Lottery operator Camelot is investigating a duo who claim to have won a £4 million scratch card Jackpot. Mark Goodram, and Jon-Ross Watson thought they'd hit the big time when the pals landed a £4 million jackpot win on…
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