Fake Scratch Cards For Pranks, Laughs & Tears

Fake Scratch Card

Who doesn’t want to see the disappointment on a sibling’s face when they realise a massive scratch card jackpot isn’t real? I know I do.

You will find people who think the ‘fake scratch card’ prank is a mean trick to play, and they’d be right. But it’s also bloody funny!

On this page, I will give you the lowdown on fake cards, best prank videos and a few cute ways to use fake cards for special occasions.


Fake scratch cards are convincing reproductions of real-world game cards. They’re used to prank people into believing they’ve won a significant jackpot. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) you can’t win any money or prizes with fake cards.

The best way to prank someone with a fake card is to pass it off between a couple of real cards. Buy two or three National Lottery game cards from the shop, before you hand them to the person you want to prank, slip the fake between the legit scratch cards.


Now you know why people buy fake scratch cards; you’ll probably be wondering if anyone falls for this prank. Oh, yes! They fall for it, watch the hilarious videos below to see for yourself.


It’s worthing point out that you should be careful about who you choose to prank. It might not be the best idea to give the card to an elderly relative with a dodgy ticker. Although, as you can see in the video below, some Grandpa’s deserve a good pranking.


I can already tell your mind is working overtime, you’re thinking about the person you want to prank – right? So where can you get hold of these fakes? Well, I’m not telling you, because you can’t be trusted – you rotten prankster.

Stop twisting my arm! Ok, I’ll talk. Head over to Amazon and do a quick search for ‘Fake Scratch Cards’ you’ll find 100s of convincing National Lottery style game cards. You can buy packs of 4 or 10 cards; typically they cost around £4 – £10. Another site with plenty of fake cards is Etsy.com; they cost roughly the same as those on Amazon.


So far we’ve looked at prank cards, but did you know ‘nice’ fakes exist? You can prank someone for a special occasion.

How about popping the question? That’s right; you can get a fake scratch card which will ask someone to marry you. These ‘Will You Marry Cards‘ are available on Etsy.com, and you can even proclaim a pregnancy with a fake scratch card.


Now you’ve heard all about the fakes, how about playing the real thing for real cash jackpots. Jackpot Joy is one of the best places to play scratch cards online. I’ve reviewed many of their top cards and these games rival anything you’d find in the newsagents. If you’d like to check out the games, read my review of THE ALL-STAR card and MONOPOLY. Remember, new players can claim a welcome bonus and ongoing monthly promotions.