It's one of the most frequently asked questions. Just how many of the mega jackpots are left on the National Lottery scratchcards?

The biggest jackpot on offer is the £4m that's up for grabs on the ‘£4m Black and Gold‘ scratch card. At £10 each, this card is not for the faint hearted but the rewards could be absolutely huge, particularly as you have a 1 in 3.06 chance of winning something on them.

And we know at least one of the £4m jackpots has already been won so how many are left?

The answer is THREE. As of July 12th 2016, there are still three scratchcards out there each with a £4m jackpot prize. But finding one of them could be a mammoth task as there were 17,391,660 scratchcards in the initial print run of this Black and Gold game. And your actual odds of winning £4m on the card are 1:4,347,915.

All is not lost though as there are up to 21 different ways to win on Black and Gold. In fact, you could conceivably win 21 times on the same scratchcard if you are really really lucky.

If you think you'd be happy with a slightly smaller jackpot then the ‘£250m Cash Spectacular‘ scratch card has a top jackpot prize of £3m. There are slightly more winning tickets still out there in the public domain with at least SIX still with the top prize.

The downside is that there were even more of them printed than the Black and Gold game with 35,933,400 Scratchcards in the initial print run of the game.

Of course there are still plenty of scratchcards out there with all of the top jackpots already claimed. The ‘Bejeweled' scratchcard that offers a top prize of £300K and can be purchased for £3, has NO top prizes left.

‘Monopoly Millionaire' is also sadly lacking on top prizes with ZERO top jackpots left. In it's initial print print there were four £1m jackpots but all of them have been won.