Jackpot Left National Lottery

It's one of the most frequently asked questions. Just how many of the mega jackpots are left on the National Lottery scratchcards?

Jackpots Left – 4th November 2019

The current largest jackpots on offer with National Lottery scratchcards are the £1m top prizes on the ‘Merry Millions‘ and ‘Monopoly Millionaire‘ games. Both cards cost £5 and the Merry Millions game has a 1 in 3.49 overall chance of winning a prize. Monopoly Millionaire gives you a 1 in 3.51 chance of winning a prize. However, it's worth noting that Monopoly Millionaire has a significantly larger print run than Merry Millions card.


The ‘Merry Millions‘ still has 4 jackpot cards up for grabs. Whilst ‘Monopoly Millionaire‘ has 2 top prizes remaining unclaimed. You stand a better chance of winning a jackpot with ‘Merry Millions‘ as the print run on this card is lower than the Monopoly Millionaire game. Plus, the ‘Merry Millions‘ game has more jackpot cards remaining in circulation.


It goes without saying that the National Lottery Merry Millions and Monoploy Millionaire cards are two of the most well-known scratch cards in the country. Nevertheless, the National Lottery also produces other big jackpot cards. Let's take a closer look at the cards with jackpots still available to win.

100k PURPLE : 4 x £100,000 AVAILABLE

The 100k Purple game is one of the newer cards launched by the National Lottery. The card costs £1 and originally offered 12 top prizes of £100,000  (4 jackpot remains outstanding). Overall, your chance of winning a cash prize on the card is advertised as 1 in 4.58.


The ‘Bingo Millionaire‘ card is certainly worth a look as it offers 4 top prizes worth £1 million. All the jackpots on this game are still up for grabs! At £5 per scratch card this game is decent value for jackpot chasers. Overall, there is a 1 in 3.47 chance of winning a prize on this card. The initial print run of this scratch card was 11,863,560. This card also offers 4 smaller jackpots worth £50,000 and 21 prizes worth £5000.


Monopoly themed scratch cards are popular with punters, and this game from the National Lottery is proving a hit with a its whopping 4 top prizes worth £1million each. Currently the card still has 2 jackpots unclaimed. This means you're still in with a chance of winning big. The card costs £5 and gives you a 1 in 3.51. of winning something.

POT OF GOLD – 12 x £50,000 JACKPOTS

Another card with scope for pulling out a big win is the POT OF GOLD game from the National Lottery. The card costs £3 and started with 18 jackpots worth £50,000, along with plenty of smaller prizes too. There is a 1 in 4 overall chance of winning a prize on this game. 1,444,020 of these scratchcards were initially produced. However, more cards have been printed to meet customer demand – currently, 12 top prizes are still available.


This card is an interesting option to consider. Whilst it's true that this jackpot isn't huge in comparison to other National Lottery games. Nevertheless, few of us would turn our noses up at a £250,000 windfall! Currently, 9 jackpots still available! With an overall print run of 74,358,540 and a purchase price of just £2 – this game represents decent value for the player. There is a 1 in 4.04 overall chance of winning a Prize on the 25th Anniversary Birthday scratch card.


The festive season is nearly here and the National Lottery has launched a series of Christmas themed scratch cards. The stand out Xmas game is the supersized Christmas Advent Calendar. The card gives players 24 chances to win! Just match two symbols in the game window to scoop a lovely Christmas present. The top prize for this game is £250,000, originally the card launched with 6 jackpots. To date 3 of these remain unclaimed.

Popular Online Scratch Cards

Below you can view a selection of the most popular scratch card games to play. Jackpots on these cards range from a few thousand to over 1 million. These cards are available to play at sites like Jackpot Joy, Paddy Power and Betfair. Click on an image below to read a full review of these cards.