The Top Slot Themed Scratch Cards

A Person Scratching A Game Card

The global online gambling market has exploded in popularity over the years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The demand for online gaming options has forced this development, as well as the relaxation of laws across the world and in countries like the USA and Canada. This market has added to the massive increase in revenue for online casinos and sportsbooks after the overturning of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018.

PASPA previously restricted gambling activities strictly to Nevada as well as other limited options. Now each individual state has the option to legalise online gambling, which many have chosen to do.

The most popular casino games are all available online and many have been given a new lease of life. Sites with the best slots and other casino games continue to appear, with a number of their sites giving full details and breakdowns of what they provide and how they compare with others.

Slots, roulette and blackjack have enjoyed the success of mobile gaming and the speed at which the games can be accessed on mobile devices.

Being able to log in and play when you have a short period of time, like on a commute or your lunch break at work, has been vital in casino games continuing this growth.

Sports betting has become more in-depth with so many different ways to gamble including in-play betting. Poker sites have become so engaging it is just as good as being at a table in person.

Scratchcards have been better known for their offline popularity, especially with the rise of lottery games.

Often by the checkout, they are designed to be a fun added extra that you may not plan on playing but are a nice added extra. 
They have become a staple in offline gambling across the world and now have found a new lease of life online as well.

A game which has been very practical in its application is now available across online casinos with a wide variety of themes. Providers have almost no restrictions when it comes to design and graphics in a bid to attract those who enjoy online gaming.

One of the beauties of the scratchcard games and its wide design options is its ability to combine with other games, like slots.

Online casinos are able to create genres of design and styles which can be tailored to a number of different games; having a bespoke style that can be attributed to Bingo, Scratchcards, Slots and more.

With the flexibility to design different styles of scratchcard games, they can also take on the style of a slot machine game. Linking these up is a great way for online casinos to showcase different games for their clients to try.

Scratch ‘n’ Spin

A combination of the slot and scratchcard games, this starts with the three-reel slot game in the traditional style. A real retro style which may not match up with the new 3D options available.

The slot doesn’t pay out standard prizes when you win, but it gives out scratchcards, with the amount depending on the lines you make.

You then make your way into the Lucky Newsagents to play the bonus game where you have the chance to choose between six different scratchcards.

Each with different themes from space to football or Vegas and have different jackpot prize totals as well as different winning odds.

Merlins Millions Scratch

Offering you a magical experience of a scratchcard game based on slots. Match the symbols to earn potentially big payouts through Merlin’s cauldron.

You can win up to 1000x your stake in this easy to play game where you look to reveal three matching symbols to win an instant cash prize.

The game has a Return To Player (RTP) percentage of 95.17% and an autoplay function to ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

It’s fun and easy to understand with a good chance of winning a magical jackpot.

Gorilla Go Wild

There are a range of Gorilla Go Wild games, created by NextGen and can be found across many online casinos.

Gary the Gorilla is just as entertaining in the scratchcard game as he is on the slots. The gameplay is slightly different in the scratchcard style, adding a pyramid scatter symbol which gives you 10 free spins on the Gorilla Go Wild slots.

The scratchcard game adds some suspense and thrill to the Gorilla Go Wild games, it is rewarding and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Slot 777

The ideal compliment from a scratchcard game based on a classic from slot games history.

It doesn’t have crazy themes or heavy layouts with over the top graphics and surrounding pictures and sounds.

Slot 777 puts the game first with its interface and combining the slot/scratchcard experience creates the fun in this nostalgic and retro way.

Available with a variety of stakes, get three matching symbols across the machines to win.

There are a wide range of games on offer across all online casinos. The chance to link these styles of games and create more opportunities for players who take up one or the other to try their luck on.