When Scratchcards Fuse with Slots

We all love playing scratchcards hoping for that big win. Many also enjoy playing slot games, watching those reels spin, and hopefully producing some winning combinations. Now, software developer Microgaming has some games that combine the best of both worlds.

Microgaming is one of the most prominent game developers in the world. The company developed the first-ever true online casino software in 1994 and has not looked back since then.

Ten years later, it launched the first mobile casino software, and its portfolio of games includes such classics as Game of Thrones. Over €1.45 billion has been paid out in progressive jackpots.

This company is known for its innovation, and now comes this fusing of scratchcards with slot games.

It’s an ingenious idea, of course, because the company knows both games are incredibly popular. It’s like a meeting of two great minds.

Another bonus is that it creates a game that has two audiences. Scratchcard players will love the idea of playing the game, and slots players will be thrilled to have another top-level game to enjoy (they probably love playing scratchcards, too, so it’s a win-win situation).

As you’ll see, Microgaming has taken some popular slot themes and given them the scratchcard treatment. These games are becoming extremely popular online, with many online casino platforms offering Microgaming games, including scratchcards.

Lost Vegas Zombies Scratch

Slot designers love to produce a game that can become a franchise. This can see several sequels be produced, with different ways of playing them. This has been the case with the Lost Vegas game.

The original game was a cross between Las Vegas and zombies. Now they have produced Lost Vegas: Zombie Search. Whether any of the characters would pass the dress code at the casino isn’t known. But, then again, would you start an argument with a badly dressed zombie?

You can win up to 250x your stake playing this game. Scratchcards are never difficult to play, while slot games can be a bit complex at times.

The good news with this hybrid is that it’s easy to play. There’s a 3×3 square, and your task is to match three identical symbols.

That’s it, no complicated bonus game, just get three matching symbols. These include a married couple who have definitely seen better days, an Elvis zombie (he probably carried out the wedding), and as its top prize, a group photo of all the zombies that are on the loose.

There’s also the Lost Vegas Survivors Scratch. This features those who are yet to become zombies. One symbol sees a man armed with a golf club, so watch out zombies.

Triple Kings Pull Tab

Lovers of royalty and card players will appreciate this game. It’s another simple to play scratchcard game but with more symbols than in the Lost Vegas games.

The symbols are the King, Queen, Heart, Spade, and Club. The Jack and Ace must have failed the auditions as they are nowhere to be seen.

You just press the button to peel back the tab on four paylines and hope that one of the winning combinations comes up. The low-paying symbols are the heart, with three of them getting you just 4x your stake.

The top prize is getting either three of the King or Queen to appear on one of the four rows of three symbols. That gets you 64x your stake, but why call it Triple Kings when the Queens are just as valuable?

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance has been one of the most popular slot games ever released. With this series of scratchcards based on slot games, it was perhaps inevitable that Immortal Romance would be involved at some point.

There are no bonus rounds in the scratchcard version, but four key symbols are used. We get to see Amber, Troy, Sarah, and Michael, plus two others.

You can win from 1x your bet (not much, but it keeps the account balance ticking over) to an impressive 500x your bet. As in the Lost Vegas game, getting three matching symbols is the key to your success.

Explore online

There are more games to explore online, so you can see that Microgaming is certainly coming up with the goods with these variants. It is likely in the future that more of their most successful slot games will be given the scratchcard treatment.

That’s great for lovers of scratchcards and good news for those who enjoy the slot games that are now becoming scratchcards. As usual, Microgaming has another hit on their hands.