Are the odds of winning with online scratch cards affected by them being much more efficient to get hold of and use? Let’s investigate…

Scratch cards first arrived on the scene in 1974, and their premise was simple to comprehend owing to their resemblance to both the lottery and slot machines, which were already very popular at the time.

They certainly filled a gap in the market, allowing individuals who loved playing the weekly lottery to do so much more frequently and swiftly than waiting for their numbers to be called in the draw.

Scratch cards were widely available in High Street retailers and supermarkets around the world when they were initially introduced to the public.

However, technology has advanced, and you can now get involved without ever leaving your house thanks to online scratch cards.

But, although they’re much easier to obtain these days and quicker to get results from, how do they compare to their physical counterparts when it comes down to the odds?

How Do Online Scratch Card Odds Compare To Physical Scratch Card Odds?

When you buy a physical scratch card from the store, the odds of winning anything can be found on the back of the card.

Similarly, when you play online scratch cards or instant win games, the Return To Player (RTP) will be indicated alongside the game.

While odds on the average physical scratch card will be something like 4.5/1 to win anything at all (not necessarily but including the jackpot), the RTP on an online scratch card could be something like 95%, which means the average player will get £0.95 back for every £1.00 spent.

It’s important to remember that RTP is an average, though, so this is not by any means a guaranteed return amount, which obviously you want to hear if you’re trying to win some profits.

One player could receive just 85% of their spendings back while somebody else will see a return of 105%.

So when it comes to the odds, there really is no odds advantage compared to their physical equivalent. However, there are certainly a number of other advantages of using online scratch cards over physical ones.

Advantages Of Online Scratch Cards

While the odds may not differ between physical and virtual scratch cards, especially when it comes to the bigger payouts and jackpots, there are definitely some advantages to just popping online and playing from the digital world over locating physical scratch cards.


Virtual scratch cards can be accessed from any location as long as you have your preferred device and an internet connection

As a result, whether you’re commuting to the office or winding down after your workday, you can simply load up your computer, phone or device and purchase as many scratch cards as you like – responsibly, of course. Online scratch cards can be played online at any time of day or night, any day of the week.

Although picking up a scratch card or two from your local shop isn’t a particularly demanding task – especially since they can be found at the counter if you’re already there – not all physical card shops are open or accessible 24 hours a day, so physical scratch cards will never be as convenient as online scratch cards.


Online scratch card game players are often tremendously spoilt by the sheer quantity of bonuses that come hand in hand with playing virtually.

These incentives are usually provided by the online casino that hosts the scratch card game and can be rather substantial.

Online scratch card bonuses increase a player’s bankroll, increase their chances of winning, and make it simpler for them to have fun. Physical scratch cards simply cannot feature such incentives.

Even just signing up to a site that offers online scratch cards can land you a bonus, whether that’s in the form of actual free scratch cards, bonus funds to spend on them, or bonuses that can indirectly result in increased playing funds, such as the Get 20 free spins with bonus.

Variety Of Games

While there is a fairly broad variety of unique scratch card games available on the physical market, the number is in no way comparable to the vast array of countless options that can be found online.

Online games include a wide range of subjects and tales, including animation and auditory effects that can be, quite frankly, utterly exhilarating.

Online scratch card games are far superior to real scratch card games in this regard, and they are far more engaging.


When playing scratch cards online, players are guaranteed of complete anonymity. Except for the online casino and their browser, no one knows what they’ve been up to, which is beneficial for individuals who don’t want to showcase what they do in their spare time.

While indulging in physical scratch cards, however, there is no anonymity. People can see you buying them, which some players would prefer to keep a secret for a number of reasons.


While the convenience of purchasing online scratch cards compared to physical ones has been covered, the ease of playing is another aspect that is technically an advantage.

Sure, scratching wax off of a card isn’t difficult, but clicking your mouse or touching your screen is arguably even easier.

Also, comparing symbols isn’t particularly trivial, but having the game just tell you if you’ve won or not is certainly a welcome feature.

Plus, there’s none of that waxy dust to clear up after. The little things.