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Here’s something we can all agree on; there is no shortage of places to buy online scratch cards. Nearly all major online casino offer scratch-off games and instant wins. There’s just one problem; many of these websites are terrible places to play!

The truth is most casinos aren’t interested in scratch card players. Instead, they prefer to focus on games with a higher profit margin – like Slot Machines and Roulette. Scratch card players are an afterthought, even when gaming providers have a decent collection of cards, they’ll usually be hidden away in a dark corner of their website.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way; some casinos roll out the red carpet for players like us. These Scratch Card friendly sites offer welcome bonuses, a massive range of cards – and of course, they’re safe and regulated for UK players. So without any more waffle, here’s my list of the best places where you can buy online scratch cards.


Number one on my list is Jackpot Joy; you’ve probably heard the name.

I’ve been playing with them since 2009, in the early days, it was one of the few sites to offer UK style scratch games. Today JJP is more well known for bingo, but it hasn’t been at the expense of their scratch cards. You can play fun games like Play-Off Palace, Crystal Maze and two versions of Deal Or No Deal along with big jackpot bingo games and slots.

The site is Licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission. Below you can see the details of their new player bonus.


It was a close call between Jackpot Joy and Paddy Power for the top slot on this list. Jackpot Joy just nicked it in the end, but Paddy Power is an excellent place for scratch card players to spend some time.

So, what makes Paddy Power unique? That’s an easy question to answer; their website offers EVERYTHING! And I do mean everything. You can play scratch cards, bet on a live football game, spin the slots and play Roulette with a real live croupier. Not forgetting PP also offers bingo, virtual sports and Poker.

If you like lots of variety in your gaming, you’ll love playing at Paddy Power. However, you’re probably interested in the types of scratch cards you can enjoy. Now, this is important, when you play at Paddy Power the website is split into different sections: You can find scratch cards in the Casino, Vegas, Bingo and Games sections. Each area has its own collection cards so do check them all out. My favourite cards include ‘King Kong Cash‘ and ‘Deal Or No Deal’ both offer massive jackpots of over £1 million. Below you can see the details of their new player bonus.


Will Hill has quietly improved its scratch card offering in the last couple of years. They’re typically more associated with sports betting in the United Kingdom. However, their soft gaming portfolio is one of the best online. Like Paddy Power, William Hill offers a one-stop-shop for all your gaming needs.

Will Hill is another casino operator who likes to separate its website into different sections. Splitting Sports betting from Poker for example. Interestingly, Will Hill is one of a few casinos to offer a dedicated ‘Scratch Card’ area.

The range of scratch cards available at Will Hill is vast and includes top branded games like The Price Is Right and TED Big Money Scratch. Will Hill has a generous new player welcome bonus – details below.


When thinking about where to buy online scratch cards? The name you’ll rarely hear mentioned is Mecca! Probably because most people think it’s primarily a bingo site. Mecca’s TV adverts focus on the bingo side of the business and occasionally their slot machines but never on their scratch cards. A big mistake, as Mecca offers a brilliant range of cards.

Mecca has 30+ scratch and instant win games to play. Including big names like Love Island, Ghostbusters and Wheel Of Fortune. You’ll also be able to play Mecca’s fantastic selection of bingo games and slots too.

One of the main benefits of joining Mecca is the regular promotions they offer to existing players. Monthly prize draws, and free bingo games are just two of the perks Mecca customers can enjoy. New players could also claim a welcome bonus when signing up online – details below.


The final name on the list is Ladbrokes. As brand names go, this is the best known in the UK sports betting industry. Their online site is comprehensive, and just like Paddy Power and Will Hill, it offers a massive range of games.

Players can find the bulk of Ladbrokes’ scratch cards in their ‘Games’ section and also in the ‘Bingo’ area. In total Ladbrokes has around 26+ scratch cards, not the most extensive collection but decent enough.

One aspect of the Ladbrokes site which might appeal to scratch card players is the new Lotto page. From here you can bet on the world’s biggest lottery games such as the New York Lottery and Spanish Daily Lotto. Ladbrokes also has a tasty welcome bonus – details below.

So there we have it! Our quick guide to ‘Where To Buy Online Scratch Cards‘ remember, you can check out all our game reviews from leading scratch card portals and websites here.