How To Win At Scratch Cards

There’s an old joke about winning the lottery, it goes something like this…

Benjamin, an elderly Jewish man goes into the synagogue and prays. “You know how terrible my situation is God, please let me win the lottery tonight.”

The following week he’s back, and this time he’s complaining. “O Lord, didn’t you hear my prayer?”

He returns to the synagogue a third time, and now he’s frantic. “O Lord, I’m begging you for help!”

Suddenly, the old man hears the voice of God from above… “Meet me halfway – buy a damn ticket!”

The sentiment of the joke is easy to understand, you have to be in it, to win it. Scratch cards are no different than Lottery tickets. You can’t win a jackpot if don’t buy a ticket.

But, apart from actually buying a scratch card, what else can you do to improve your chances when you play online scratchcards? As with the Lottery, Scratch Card wins rely on luck. However, by following a few simple tips you could increase your chances and reduce your risk.

  1. Avoid No Jackpot Games

  2. Pick Your Scratch Cards Carefully

  3. Play At Reputable Casinos

  4. Learn The Rules

  5. Research The Best Casino Games

  6. Have A Budget In Place

  7. Online Casinos & Promotion Deals

  8. Know When To Stop


Did you know that the National Lottery is permitted to sell game cards even when all of the top prizes have been won?

Despite online warnings, many consumers are still buying cards with no hope of winning the jackpot – because all the prizes have already been claimed. If you want to find out which jackpot prizes remain, check out our page here.

Don’t buy scratchcard games with no jackpots remaining. This is one of the simplest tips to increase your likelihood of winning.

For online players, it’s always transparent when a jackpot is still in play, as the prize totals are displayed and updated in real-time.

One of the best tips for online players is to play the ‘Jackpot King ‘ series of scratch card games. ‘Jackpot King’ is a linked prize fund that is available across multiple casinos and slot games. Jackpots can reach over £2 million and you’ll always know the exact amount you could win. This is a random prize and it could be activated during any gameplay.

Remember, If you play National Lottery scratchcard games, you can check on the National Lottery website which games still have a big win available. It will help put the winning odds in your favour. If you play scratchcards online, check the RTP’s and Prize Pools before you risk real money.


Monopoly Millionaire - Scratch Cards

I’ve gone through hundreds of online scratchcards and discovered that the payout rates on individual cards can differ drastically from one to the next.

Online scratchcards express the win ratio in the RTP (Return To Player) figure. You’ll often see this expressed as ‘90% RTP’. This is a measure of how much money a player may expect to win from playing a game. A card with an RTP of 90 percent, for example, will repay players £0.90p for every £1 wagered.

It’s worth noting that the RTP is theoretical. The percentage rate is calculated over a long period. In some cases, a casino will give the RTP rate over 1 million plays of a game, as it’s unlikely a single player will play one million times! So each individual player will experience different RTP rates from other players. A rate of 96% DOES NOT mean YOU will get 96% of your stake back, you could get 0%.

When you play real-world cards, the payout ratio is generally shown as a chance of winning any prize on any single card. The National Lottery might say that ‘1 in 4’ cards of a particular series will lead to a winning ticket.

The emphasis should be on putting the odds in your favour. Which games have the greatest chances? On their websites, casinos display the RTP for each game, while the National Lottery shows the win rate on the back of each game card and online.

A quick tip… themed scratch cards and slots often have a lower win rate than non-themed games. As the Online Casino will need to pay a license fee on selected games like ‘Monopoly‘ and films tie-ins such as ‘Matrix’ or ‘Justice League’.


When you sign up for a gambling brand make sure it’s regulated and licensed. Usually, you can find this information in the footer of the website. Double-check the casino license claim against the regulating authority list of casinos.

For example, you can see on the Paddy Power portal that it’s regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. This includes a link to the licence register which contains information about the types of activities that the site is permitted to offer and any regulatory action taken which may have been taken against the company.

If you can’t easily find this information on a casino/gambling website, it could signal that the casino is unregulated. You will have limited recourse to settle disputes should you decided to play with them. We recommend you only sign-up with regulated online scratchcard portals such as Paddy Power, Betfred and Jackpot Joy – why risk it?


It might sound obvious, but spend a little time learning the rules of a game before you play! Every scratch card and slot will have slightly different ways to win and lose.

Consider the size of your wager, as well. In ‘Jackpot King’ mega prize pool games, for example, you DON’T need to wager big to win the main prize. So why not play for lower stakes? On the flip side, some winning scratch cards won’t pay out the jackpot until you risk a specified minimum amount of money.

For novices, low-stakes and high-RTP games are ideal. There are a lot of scratch-offs at Jackpot Joy which you can play for small stakes.


There’s no argument about it: there are plenty of places to purchase scratch cards online. The majority of online casinos provide scratch-off games and instant wins. There’s just one issue; a lot of these websites feature awful games!

Unfortunately, for many casinos, scratch cards are an afterthought. A site might advertise 100s of cards, but most of them will be reskinned games. Essentially, the same game but with different graphics.

If you want to know our favourite scratch cards and where you can play them – check out our ‘Best Online Scratch Cards‘ post. You get our list of top 7 games.


This is the most essential thing we can tell you. It’s quite easy, but many gamblers overlook it and pay for it later. That’s why, before you arrive at the casino or log on to any gambling website, you should take this step. Determine how much you can afford to risk in the casino before you start. This amount should fall well within your disposable income limit. Set yourself a weekly or monthly budget.

Then, the next step in bankroll management is to adhere to the budget you established. It’s a pointless exercise to set a budget and then ignore it once you’ve started gambling. It’s tempting to get swept up in the excitement, but it’s critical to be able to walk away when your budget is reached.

Chasing losses is the most common mistake when it comes to casino budgeting. You have to be able to take your losses from time to time and accept that not every gaming session will be successful. In fact, they are more probable to be negative.

You’re actually foiling the casino’s best-laid plans if you avoid this pitfall and stick to your budget while banking wins.


Any promotional or deposit bonus will come with stringent conditions attached (read the small print), as Milton Freeman, the famous economist, once said: “There isn’t any such thing as a free lunch.”

In many cases, the ‘free’ money isn’t really free. To unlock it, you must deposit and risk your own cash funds. Even if you follow all of the wagering requirements, you may find it difficult to withdraw your money. I recommend reading through all of the conditions and wagering requirements before making a financial commitment and check if bonus funds expire on a set date.

Although the significant terms and conditions do not always imply that a bonus is a poor bargain for the customer, they are generally used to prevent customers from taking unfair advantage of casino bonuses. Betting and Casino platforms are frequently subjected to significant amounts of bonus fraud. The restrictions are usually in place to stop consumers from exploiting special deals and bonus wins. Sports fans can bet with 1win promo code for a fantastic range of markets and offers.

The ‘Free Spin’ promotion on selected games has become quite popular recently. Gaming sites give new customers bonus spins on their fruit machines as a signup incentive. The number of free spins you can get may range between 20 and 100.

The ‘Free Spins’ offer may be redeemed as a stand-alone deal, or it might be combined with a ‘Cash Match.’ Most of the time, you’ll need to put your own money in before you can claim the bonus spins. The amount is usually reasonable, ranging from five to ten pounds in real money.


The biggest mistake scratch card players make is overplaying. Never play when drunk or emotionally stressed. Please remember to gamble responsibly.

Gambling can lead to a loss of time and perspective. Set time limits and budget restrictions. Before you play, decide how much you can afford to lose. It’s all over when it’s gone! Know when to stop.

If you feel you’re having problems with your gambling, help is available from many places. has a 24/7 helpline with trained counsellors. They can be contacted via phone, email and live chat on their website.

UK customers have the option to activate a gambling block, which, when activated, prevents them from being able to pay for gambling using their debit card. You can also request UK gambling sites exclude you from their website and apps.

Playing At Paddy Power

You may play scratch cards, wager on a live football match, spin the slots and play casino games with a real-life croupier at Paddy Power. PP also has bingo, virtual sports, and Poker.

If you enjoy a wide range of options in your gaming, Paddy Power is the site for you. If scratch cards are what you’re looking for, go right ahead and may lady luck follow you!

The Paddy Power website is divided into numerous sections, such as Casino, Vegas, Bingo, and Games. Each sector has its own collection cards, so make sure to examine them all. My favourite cards are “King Kong Cash” and “Deal or No Deal,” both of which have bigger prizes than most online scratchcard games (£1 million+) and plenty of bonus rounds too.

Playing At Betfred

Betfred is a wonderful site to play scratch card games. They provide a huge range of virtual cards, such as Golden Grand, which is a popular traditional scratch game available for just 25p. It’s a fun way to play and features better odds than some sports bets.

If you’re searching for a non-traditional entertaining card, Wheel Of Fortune has 12 opportunities to form a winning combination. You have the option to spin the ‘Wheel of Fortune‘ at the end of each game for cash money.

Playing At Mecca

The name “Mecca” is seldom heard when it comes to where to play instant win games. Because most people think it’s a bingo site with a few video slots. Mecca’s television advertisements are primarily focused on the bingo side of the business, and their scratch cards are rarely mentioned. A serious blunder, since Mecca provides a fantastic selection of cards.

There are more than 30 scratch and win games at Mecca. Popular titles include Love Island, Ghostbusters, and Wheel of Fortune. You’ll also be able to try out the site’s excellent selection of bingo and slot machines. A welcome offer is available, with a minimum deposit, should you not wish to have the bonus funds, it can be removed by contacting Customer Services who will be able to remove it manually.

The frequent bonuses offered by Mecca to existing players are one of the main reasons people stay with the brand. Monthly prize draws and free bingo games are only two of the perks available to Mecca customers. When registering online, new players may also get a deposit bonus (min wagering req needed). You can view the current bonus terms below.

Playing At JackpotJoy

Jackpot Joy is number one on my list; you’ve most likely heard the name. I’ve been playing with them since 2009 when it was one of the few sites to provide digital scratchcard games in the early days. At the moment, JJP is better known for bingo than scratch cards, but that hasn’t been at the expense of their scratch cards.

You may also play games such as Play-Off Palace, Crystal Maze, and two different versions of Deal Or No Deal as well as major jackpot bingo and slots.

Overall, Jackpot Joy is one of my favourite sites because it offers almost everything I love. Including a welcome bonus, as a new customer, you could claim the bonus shown below. You can choose your payment method to deposit funds from a variety of options.

My Favourite Online Casino Game

Looking for a big scratch card jackpot prize? then look no further and the ‘King Kong Cash’ game which is available to play at Paddy Power. This scratch card has it all, progressive jackpot, great gameplay and three chances to win.

The scratch card is fun to play and you can play for just £1 per card. However, you can play for more money – all the way up to £20. The more you wager, the bigger the prizes get. You can win a maximum of x10,000 on your bet.

The progressive jackpot is part of the ‘Jackpot King’ network. This prize fund is available across a number of games and casino providers. This jackpot can be randomly activated during any game. ‘Jackpot King’ actually offers three different progressive prizes. Ranging from a few thousand to over £1 million (play responsibly).

King Kong Cash is one of the few scratch card games which features the ‘Jackpot King’ prize pool. Obviously, progressive jackpots are hard to win, but the Kong card offers plenty of smaller prizes and Paddy Power advertise the cards win ratio at 1 in 4.39 games.


If you’re looking for a great place to play scratch cards, Betfred, Jackpot Joy or Paddy Power are excellent choices. These sites have an extensive list of games with different themes and features that should satisfy any player’s tastes.

There are many variables that influence winning tickets. If everyone who played won, the firms that provide these games would go bankrupt! Remember, not everyone who participates can win, some will be left holding a losing ticket.

Scratch cards are a game of chance, and the chances of winning any prize are slim. The likelihood of you winning a jackpot is even lower. Keep your bets modest, avoid chasing losses and play responsibly.