Differences And Similarities Between Slots And Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards

Both slots and scratchcards are popular casino games and you would be forgiven for thinking they are both the same. These games do share some similarities, such as their ease of play, big prizes and instant satisfaction.

Taking these factors into consideration, also highlights some key differences too. This article looks at both differences and similarities between slots and scratch cards.

Big Prizes

What’s exciting about both scratch cards and online slots are the big prizes on offer. Wins on both of these games have not only been life-changing, but they have also been well publicised. Given a win on both of these games can alter your life in a single spin or a scratch is what has made them incredibly popular.

Lucky players of both scratch cards and online slots have gone on to receive significant wins. Although it must be noted, online slot winners have fared much better and become multi-millionaires. Prizes have made their entrance into the record books and further attracting players.

But this is where the similarities between the two end. With scratch cards, once you scratch off the panel and reveal the mystery prizes, that’s the end of the game. Whereas, players of online slots, can win a free spins bonus in a single spin.

Not only are extra spins given, but players may be taken to a thrilling special bonus game. Here, they can win anything from more free spins to inflated cash prizes.

Instant Satisfaction

What players particularly enjoy about scratch cards and slots is the instant satisfaction or disappointment. Playing high strategy games such as poker or card games require a degree of time and patience. The outcome of playing either scratch cards or slots is pretty much decided the, you place a bet or a spin.

It could be argued, a slight difference to this notion would be dependent on the variant of the slot played. By their very nature, high variance slots demand patience.

Players can expect longer periods of gameplay with no wins in between. In playing slots of high variance, players forgo the instant satisfaction for the chance to win a bigger prize and possibly even triggering a free spins bonus.

Ease Of Play

Another key similarity that both scratch cards and slots share, is the ease of play. Unlike table games requiring a great deal of skill, players need none.

Before these games were available online, slots were played in land casinos with players operating a lever to spin. Scratch cards were literally that, with players having to physically scratch off the panel to reveal their prize. Both scratch cards and slots are based on chance.

When it comes to playing slots, all the player must do, is place a bet and begin spinning. The computerised random number generator (RNG) then decides if the spin or scratch is a winning one or a losing one.

Winning or losing is outside the control of the player and down to luck. Both scratch cards and slots can be played with a low budget thus making it highly appealing to all types of players.

There are differences between the two games, with the most obvious being gameplay. To play scratch cards, you will need to reveal monetary mystery prizes. Online slots are played on a set of reels.

Players need to “spin” by selecting this virtually on their device. Different symbols will attract different prizes depending on the amount of matched symbols. A spin on the reels may also trigger a free spins bonus prize, taking players to another level within the game – a notable difference between the two games.

It’s fair to say there are notable similarities between scratch cards and slots. This is evident in factors such as the popularity, low budget, and huge appeal to all types of players. However,
given that slots offer free spins bonus with the chance to win more are key differences. At first glance, these games may seem the same but they are very different.