Instant Lottery Tickets Loved By Players

Scratch cards have been around for over fifty years and during this time, they have earned a huge audience all over the world. The interest of this specific audience is so big, that players follow the news headlines that are related to scratch cards and look for newer versions of these lucky tickets. There are even countries, where playing scratch cards has become a tradition. In Spain for example, it is a tradition for people to play scratch cards during the holiday season for Christmas and the New Year.

Playing Scratch Cards via Mobile and PC

Regardless if they come in the form of paper or if they are digital, these instant lottery tickets have something special that makes people prefer them to other forms of games based on chance. Many casino providers dedicate separate scratch card sections on their websites, in order to make it easier for their customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

There are of course casino websites that offer that little “extra” to their users. Mansion scratch cards are one of the UK’s favourites as the website offers unique scratch cards that can fit the tastes of even the most demanding players.

The Most Popular Scratch Cards Found Online

Online Scratch Cards come in numerous themes and have unique sound effects. Many of them are based on movies, others are based on popular casino games and there are some that are based on ancient legends.

Rocky Scratch
Based on the homonym movie character played by Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Scratch focuses on the fights of the “Italian Stallion” against the legendary Apollo Creed.

Watch him do battle against the monstrous Ivan Drago and the eccentric Clubber Lang in this cool online scratchcard.

Kong Scratch
This is game that comes with seven frames, and it is based on the movie King Kong, which was released in 2005 and grossed over half a billion dollars all over the world.

The prize frame is found in the middle right below the legendary Kong. On the right-hand side, the player can see the six frames, from which at least one will need to match the prize frame image.

Blackjack Scratch
This scratch card is based on the popular casino table game. Things are pretty simple when it comes to the principles of the scratch card.

It follows the ones of the actual Blackjack game, where the player needs to beat the dealer.

Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch
This is an image matching scratch card based on the history of Ancient Egypt. The layout is almost identical to that of Kong and is just as much fun to play.

Instead of characters from a movie, this game has ancient symbols, hieroglyphics and imagery that is related to the pharaonic kingdom.

Are Scratch Cards as Fun as Slot Games?

Many will say that online scratch cards are not as interesting as online slots because both the gameplay and the graphics are a lot more limited. It is true that slot games have a lot more animations, game options and theme features. But sometimes, players just want to focus on playing the game.

This is where scratch cards (or instant lottery tickets) earn points against slots, as the instant outcome factor is occasionally more important than being entertained by fancy animations.