The Popularity Of Internet Gambling Continues To Grow In Canada

During the last decade, there’s been an increase of online casino players in Canada. In this article, we’ll help you to navigate through the crowded gambling jungle.

We’re in the middle of December and Christmas is knocking on the door, but also New Year’s Eve. Soon it’s time to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome a new year…and a new decade. What 2020 will bring remains to be seen, not least in the world of gambling.

The possibility to gamble and bet online has been around for some time, but during the 2010s it got serious for real. Something that we’ve experienced all around the world. In Sweden, for instance, there are over 90 gambling companies certified by the state, and in Canada, there’s been a similar boom.

Diversity is, of course, more than welcome in the gambler community, but how do you find the optimal casino best suited for you and your needs?

Use A Casino Comparison Site

Except for all the great games, another fantastic benefit with the gambling world going online is the birth of casino comparison sites. For example, on, you can easily compare the most prominent online casinos in Canada. On Casino Fever, you can find lucid templates ranking all the sites’ best bonuses, benefits and disadvantages.

One might have generous welcome bonuses, but offers a small number of games. Another might have the best user experience, but no bonus campaigns. And so on. There are also in-depth reviews.

New Technological Solutions

Also, you’ll see that some of the sites elaborate more with modern technical solutions, supplying their users with the opportunity to gamble and bet “live”. Let’s look closer into this groundbreaking technology.

What Does It Mean To Gamble Live?

By offering Live Casinos, the gambling companies seek to reduce the differences between visiting a landbased casino and an internet casino, as much as possible. Here the players face a real dealer, with high end streaming solutions, handling their cards. Except for the enhanced casino feeling, it gives the player a more “human” experience, getting rid of the computer-automated odds.

What Does It Mean To Bet Live?

If the ability to play classic casino games live is mostly about feeling, the possibility to bet live is something much more than that. It’s revolutionary. With this new technology, fans can sign into their casino account while a sports event is taking place and submit bets while the game is on.

Of course, the odds are being updated live, but if you want to play safe and wait until your favourite football team has nailed their first goal, you have the unique possibility to do that. Also, you can bet on who’ll score the next goal, who’ll get a yellow card and so on.

Yes, the casino world is changing, offering new technological solutions we only could dream about a few years ago. Will 2020 be the decade for VR-technology to take over the casino world? It wouldn’t surprise us a bit. It’s already taking place, and who knows, maybe we’ll soon be able to scratch cards in a surreal environment while sipping coffee on our living room couch?