There was a time when the only way to pick up a scratch card was by heading to the local store that stocked lotto style games. Things have changed a great deal since then and now it is possible to enjoy scratch cards online.

If you head to any of the leading online casinos, like 888 Casino, Wink Slots and others, you will find a dedicated scratch card section on the website. The popularity of playing scratch cards online has grown significantly in recent years and you will now find a huge selection of different scratch card games available.

As more people have been drawn to scratch cards online, the more often we have seen people win big money. In fact, we have witnessed some huge money wins on scratch cards but what are the biggest scratch card wins?

Grace Walker Wins A Million

One of the most famous scratch card wins in the United Kingdom came in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Grace Walker won a fantastic £1 million having chosen a scratch card simply based on the colour, which was pink.

Despite picking up the significant amount of money, Grace stated she and her husband would remain in their council house, where they had lived for over 30 years.

In addition, Grace said she would continue to purchase scratch cards despite the chances of winning another huge sum of money being slim. It just goes to show that for some people, playing a scratch card is fun and now it is possible to do it online.

Benefits Of Online Scratch Cards

One of the many benefits of buying a scratch card online is the choice of cards available. Not only will you find the standard style of scratch card available in stores, but you will also find a great range of themed scratch cards that look visually stunning on screen.

The basis of the online scratch card is the same to that purchased in shops and you must scratch off symbols to reveal instant wins. However, the diversity of scratch cards available online is far greater than what you will find in a store and the themes make them much more fun to play.

As a bonus, there is no need to leave the house to purchase an online scratch card. It is also possible to buy an online scratch card for as little as £0.10, whereas a traditional scratch card will set you back at least £1.

In addition to the standard way of winning on a traditional scratch card that involves matching threes symbols, there are other ways to win when playing online. Online scratch cards offer bonus rounds and tremendous multipliers that give you the opportunity to win big money prizes.

So, not only could you pick up a big scratch card win online, but you are also sure to have plenty of fun when playing the game.

Million Pound Win For Bride-To-Be

Grace Walker is not the only person to have picked up a cool £1 million from buying a scratch card. Jackie Murphy, who was soon to be married, purchased a scratch card and could not believe her luck when it revealed a prize of £1 million.

She was so shocked, the shopkeeper had to sit her down in a chair while she called her fiancé. Is there any greater boost when planning a wedding than having a £1 million scratch card win?

Her family and friends would have been delighted as it allowed her to provide them with a free bar for the wedding.

A Life Changing Win

Talking about bars and another person to have enjoyed a £1 million scratch card win is Lewis Rider. The bartender had actually gone to the shop to buy dog food but decided to pick up a scratch card at the same time.

It proved to be a life-changing decision for Lewis, who quickly went from pulling pints to popping open the champagne in celebration.

Most people dream about winning £1 million on a scratch card but can you imagine winning three times that amount? Just ask Susan Richards, who was travelling home from her job as a carer only to make a stop to buy her weekly shopping.

With the exact change in her pocket, Susan decided to add a scratch card to her groceries as a last-minute decision and having done so, she won £3 million.

Having received confirmation, the win was genuine, Susan started planning what she would do with the money, including a family holiday to America that has always been the dream of her late father.

There are many heart-warming stories of people winning big prizes on scratch cards and now it is possible to be the next £1 million winner by playing online.

There are so many excellent scratch cards available online, you may be only one virtual scratch away from being a millionaire. However, even if you do not claim the jackpot, you are sure to have plenty of fun playing online scratch cards.