The UK National Lottery operator Camelot is investigating a duo who claim to have won a £4 million scratch card Jackpot.

Mark Goodram, and Jon-Ross Watson thought they’d hit the big time when the pals landed a £4 million jackpot win on a scratch card purchased in South London last week. The friends celebrated the win by going on a four-day drinking session which included giant bottles of champagne. The pair recorded a video showing off their jackpot ticket. Holding a bottle of vodka next to him, Goodram slurred: “How the f*** can that be a fake?” Bragging about his Lotto success, he boasted: “I’ve won £4million, stop hating. Stop hating, look, we’ve won £4mill. Just take it, we’ve won it. Stop chatting s**t man.

When the friends contacted the National Lottery to claim their prize money, they were told the ‘win’ was under investigation. Lottery organisers do not doubt the validity of the scratch card. However, it transpires that the winning card was purchased using a debit card. Yet neither of the pals has a UK bank account, Lottery Organisers are investigating who owns the debit card used to buy the scratch card ticket.

When asked for details of the debit card used, Goodram and Watson named a friend called “John” — but could not give his surname, address or phone number. The pair later claiming the friend had disappeared “up North” and could no longer be contacted.

Goodram — with 22 convictions for 45 criminal offences — told The Sun Newspaper: “Mark and me have been mates since we were little. This win’s unbelievable but we deserve the money fair and square. We were screaming in the street.

“We’ve told family and friends about our win but no one believes us.”

It remains to be seen if the friends will receive the jackpot cash from the National Lottery. As yet no official statement has been made.