Everybody pushes their luck. It’s only human to try to get a better deal for yourself but one very cheeky e-bay seller has taken it to a whole new level.

Advertising a winning scratch card as ‘possibly worth millions’, the seller posted an advert that read as follows:

“Hi And welcome to this auction on this real winning scratch card.

“This scratch could Possibly turn in to hundreds or thousands or even possibly millions depending on how wisely it is invested.”

Yes. You’ve read that correctly. Somebody actually tried to selling the winning ticket, which incidentally had a win of only £2, on the basis that if you got it, you could then invest the £2 and turn that into millions.

Yes, because if it was that easy we’d all be doing it. But according to this person “Many investments could be cashing in the winning Scratch card and buying either 2X £1 scratch cards or buying a £2 scratch card or possibly buying one of many available lottery tickets.”

So how on earth could somebody even make money from selling a £2 winning scratch card for £2. The kicker here is that post and packaging is £5. Now the last time I checked the price of a first-class stamp (30 seconds ago) it was only 64p.

That results in a profit of £4.36 for the seller, minus the cost of the scratch card (£1), leaving him/her with £3.36. It’s pretty clever if you think about it. If they cashed it in they’d make a profit of just £1 or £3.36 if they sell it.

I wonder if they’ll then take that and turn it into ‘possibly millions’?

The advert is no longer up on eBay so I can’t even confirm if anybody was foolish enough to buy it but you do have to admire the nouse of somebody who can chance their arm like that!