Back in 1999, a 37-year-old Aussie truck driver embarked on an incredible roller coaster journey of luck. Bill Morgan defied the odds and emerged as one of life’s big winners.

Trucker Bill Morgan was involved in a serious car crash in early 1999, by sheer luck, he survived the collision. On admission to hospital, Bill was given medication to aid his recovery. However, the 37-year-old suffered a rare allergic reaction to the drug, it caused his heart to stop. At one point, he was pronounced clinically dead. Eventually, a determined medical team was able to get his heart beating once again. Unfortunately, Bill had slipped in a coma. Doctors feared he would suffer irreparable brain damage due to the 14 minute period when his heart had stopped working.

Bill’s family was advised to turn off his life support machine. Miraculously, after spending 12 days in a coma, Bill woke and was completely fine, suffering no long-term effects from his life-threatening ordeal.

Feeling lucky to be alive, Bill turned his back on truck driving and proposed to his girlfriend; she said yes! To celebrate his good fortune, Bill purchased a scratch card. Amazingly, He won a car worth $17,000! Usually, a scratch card win wouldn’t make prime-time news in Australia. Nevertheless, Bill’s nearly death experience just a few months earlier, gave this story legs, as they say in the business.

A Melbourne TV news station decided to feature Bill’s story on the local news. The station asked Bill to re-create the moment he won the car. They filmed Bill walking into the shop and buying a scratch card, as the camera’s rolled they captured the moment Bill realises he’s won a life-changing amount, a $250,000 jackpot! In the video above you can see the moment Bill realises he’s beaten the odds once again! He breaks down and begins to cry, Bill looks at the camera and says “I just won 250,000. I am not joking. I just won 250,000. Please don’t film me,” he said. “I don’t believe this is happening. I think I will have another heart attack. Oh gosh!”

I doubt anyone will ever encounter the highs and lows which Bill experienced in 1999. To this date, I haven’t uncovered a story like this one. Although, I’ve had some incredible scratch card wins myself. Sadly, none worth $250,000!