Jackpot Cards

If you’ve been following the story of scratch card ‘winners’ Mark Goodram, and Jon-Ross Watson. It will probably come as no surprise to discover the ‘lucky’ duo are planning to sue the National Lottery for withholding a jackpot prize worth £4 million.

Earlier this year, the pals from Bolton claimed they’d scooped a £4 million jackpot prize. Upon receiving the claim, Camelot, the company who produces the scratch cards raised concerns about the method of payment used. The pals initially said they’d purchased the card using loose change. However, records show that a stolen debit card was used to purchase the winning card. The pair then claim a mysterious friend had bought the card for them. Yet neither Mark nor Jon-Ross has been able to contact their generous friend.

The pals have since retained the services of barrister Henry Hendon to fight their corner. The lawyer contacted National Lottery and gave them a deadline of June 4 to pay, however, the money did not arrive.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: ‘My clients have been very open and upfront about their upbringing in care homes and hard struggles in life, including previous substance misuse problems, which both have tried really hard to overcome. ‘Camelot is in effect holding my client’s ransom to their past. ‘My clients consider Camelot are behaving in a culturally racist way by subjecting them to a level of scrutiny, checking and vetting, they would not otherwise do if the person who claimed the prize spoke in a posh accent.’

Mark and Jon-Ross claim they have no knowledge of a stolen debit card being used to make the purchase. The pair have separately appeared on Bolton’s Most Wanted lists over the last few years for crimes in the town. Mark has 22 convictions for 45 offences and Jon-Ross has 72 convictions for 133 offences.

Recently, the Sun Newspaper has reported that Mark Goodram had been filmed selling meat from a plastic bag in a local pub in his hometown of Bolton. One pub regular was heard to quip  “He’s gone from £4 million to a 4oz steak. You’re getting f*** all, if you were getting £4 million you wouldn’t be shoplifting lad.”

We wait to hear the outcome of the court case.